Process, requirement & fees

What is the Pride 365 Assessment Tool?

The Pride 365 Proprietary Assessment Tool examines the Governance, Staff treatment and Societal Outreach of an organisation. It is designed to tabulate and define how inclusive that organisation is and use that as a benchmark for future incremental improvement.


While an organisation is going through Certification they must also decide upon the actionable steps they are going to make so that not only are they seeing where they are in terms of Inclusion through the Pride 365 Assessment Tool but they are also going to do something about it.

What they are able to commit to and in what time frame depends on the size, complexity of the business and amount of stakeholders to consult. Though all Pledge items must be met for Certification to be maintained.

To see more about the Pledge see here.

All Pride 365 Certified Organisations must commit to a set of promises in a certain time limit that they are bound to complete. These can include charitable donations, setting up ERG’s, training, all year LGBT+ visibility and more.

If an organisation fails to complete certain pledge items by the date suggested then Certification is put on pause until the Pledge item can be met.

What is the process of Certification?

What is the process of Certification?

Pride 365 Certification will be conducted through the Pride 365 Assessment Tool. This will take you through a series of different checks to measure where you are as an inclusive organisation.

You should expect to bring in other members of staff to help with Certification, and are encouraged to share certain elements of the assessment with as high a percentage of staff as possible to provide the most accurate representation of your organisation.

Once you have completed the process, paid the administration fee an analyst will determine your score and depending on the score grant certification once that year's subscription has been paid.

Assessment of your organisations every 3 years

Fulfill the Pride 365 Assessment Tool, achieve a score of at least 80.

The verification process will begin after you have completed all elements of the Assessment.

What does the timeline look like?

What does the timeline look like?

Organisations will typically nominate one person to organize and spearhead the Pride 365 Assessment.

This person will then bring others into a team to help collate information where needed and to distribute certain elements of the Assessment around the entire organisation.

At the same time, the team will consist of exec-level members who can decide and confirm which pledge items to commit to over the following years.

Once the Assessment has been taken, pledge items decided upon and fees are paid, there is a verification period where an analyst will confirm the score and grant or deny certification.

If Certification is awarded you will then sign the pledge and can begin your journey towards incremental improvement.

Pay Fees

Pride 365 Organisations recertify every three years but fees are paid annually which is calculated on your total sales (gross revenue).

Revenue (Total Sales) Certification Fee per year
£0 - <£150,000 £1,000
£150,000 - £499,999 £1,100
£500,000 - £699,999 £1,200
£700,000 - £999,999 £1,300
£1 MM - <£1.99 MM £1,500
£2 MM - <£3.99 MM £2,000
£4 MM - <£5.99 MM £2,500
£6 MM - <£7.99 MM £3,000
£8 MM - <£9.99 MM £4,000
£10 MM - <£14.99 MM £6,000
£15 MM - <£24.99 MM £10,000
£25MM - <£49.99 MM £20,000
£50 MM - <£99.99 MM £25,000
£100 MM - <£174.99 MM £30,000
£175 MM - £249.99 MM £35,000
£250 MM > £40,000

*Regions outside of the UK are Priced depending and according to complexity and territory inclusion.

Non Profit Certification Non Profit Certification

If you are a non profit that has less than 50% of its focus on the LGBT+ community then Certification is possible in the same assessment that is tailored to you.

Fees for all Non Profits is £500.

Public Sector Certification Public Sector Certification

If you are a Public Sector organisation then Certification is possible in the same assessment that is tailored to you.

Fees for all Public Sector Organisations is £2000.