Shrey Chadha

I am Shrey, a year 3 psychology student at the University of Hong Kong. I identify as gay and have been actively trying to work for the community since I started coming out in 2017. I moved from New Delhi to Hong Kong and it has helped me contribute more. In Delhi, India I directed a short film for Pride month during 2020 lockdown when there was barely anything happening for pride due to the pandemic. I promoted the film via my mental health awareness Instagram account and it received immense adulation. I believe I was able to create an impact in the community. I have been out as a gay individual since I was in high school, I never shied away from wearing nose rings or applying nail paint to school, and on becoming the head boy of my school I was able to inspire some students who also reached out to me with their stories and simply wanted someone to talk to. In Hong Kong, I have been an active part of Queer-Straight Alliance, HK since 2020 as a member and no and Exco. I am currently interning at an NGO as an LGBTQ+ intern.

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