Tamazi Sozashvili

Tamazi Sozashvili is a co-founder and co organizer of Tbilisi Pride. Since establishment of Tbilisi Pride, Tamazi has been a spokesperson, advocating and campaigning for LGBTQ+ community issues. Through his networking skills, he has extensive collaboration with relative stakeholders and interested parties on domestic and international level. Tamazi is a one of the leaders of a flagship project “Proud Families”, aiming to educate, empower and unify family members of LGBTQ+ community. His work covers diverse vulnerable and marginalized groups of the LGBTQ+ community, including gay/bi men, transgender women, sex workers, and persons living with HIV. His name is closely connected to various LGBTQ+ themed campaigns and public events. Tamazi has participated as a trainer/mentor in numerous international and local workshops and conferences on human rights of LGBTQ+ community!