Marc E D Svensson

Marc is an LGBTQ+ mental health advocate, social psychologist, entrepreneur, researcher and public speaker. With a personal mission to close the LGBTQ+ mental health gap, he is passionately backing Pride 365’s mission to bring an end to pinkwashing and to improve LGBTQ+ inclusivity in society and the workplace.

His research is focused on how minority stress contributes to poorer mental health outcomes for sexual and gender minority people. Minority stress are unique stressors that impact LGBTQ+ people because of their sexual and/or gender identity, for example internalised homophobia and concealment of identity. He is currently completing his PhD in social science at University College London (UCL) where his research is focused on plurisexual identifying (queer, pansexual, bisexual) emerging adults who report more mental health problems than their gay and lesbian peers.

Marc is also the founder and CEO of Helsa, a mental health platform for LGBTQ+ people to learn about their own mental health and match safely online with LGBTQ+ specialised therapists that are right for their specific needs.