Lukasz Konieczka

I have worked with young LGBT+ persons for the past fifteen years. I first started as a Mosaic Project manager for Brent Youth Services, but when budget cuts forced Local Authorities to close youth service, I had to make sure there was a continuity of care.

I looked at the LGBT+ provision that I could signpost our members to and it soon became apparent that there was not much left in London. What has survived government cuts certainly wasn’t sufficient to address the needs of our members and wider young LGBT+ community.

I decided to unite my colleagues and fuelled by our members’ enthusiasm we founded Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre as a charity in 2016 the very same month that the Brent Council service was forced to close. One thing I am incredibly proud of was the fact that we carried on delivering services without a glitch throughout the transition into a charity although we have had no funding.

Passion for my work comes from my strong work ethos and background in social work, community development, psychology, youth work and social pedagogy which has helped me to form the organisation that aims to support, educate and inspire through the provision of the outstanding quality of care and service as my motto is: ‘My young persons deserve the best.’

I moved to the UK from Poland to find a job that is closer to my values, but I found so much more.

I am proud to be a Champion of Pride 365 Certified as I believe that true engagement with the community goes beyond the glamour of Pride celebrations and must extend to practical policies and day to day allyship. Glad to be part of this movement that looks to build true and lasting relationships between our community organisations and businesses.