Laks Mann

Laks Mann is a Metropolitan Police Officer and a Met LGBT+ Network Executive Committee Member, specialising in Intersectionality and Community Engagement. Laks has a lead role in forming the National LGBT+ Police Intersectionality Working Group, and is a confirmed keynote speaker addressing Intersectionality at the National LGBT+ Police Conference 2021.

Laks is an appointed Mayor of London Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Adviser and advocates through an intersectional lens of race, ethnicity, faith, LGBTQ+ and class.

Laks is LGBTQ+ Curator for South Asian Heritage Month, a national event celebrating the histories and cultures of the UK’s South Asian diaspora communities. Laks is also the Founder of Gaysians, a community-led national LGBTQ+ organisation he built to increase visibility of the UK’s South Asian queer community.

Laks is listed in the UK’s Top 30 BAME Leaders of 2020 (University of Oxford, House of Commons, OBV).

Joining the Pride 365 initiative is important for Queer of People of Colour visibility.