Joanne Monck

My name is Joanne Monck. I was born male in 1955. I went through life fighting an enemy inside my mind that was to cause me to be bullied at school, have a nervous breakdown and end up with thoughts of suicide. I didn’t start my transition until 2014. Had surgery in 2017, and am now legally female and passionate about raising awareness for the LGBT community to be accepted in all walks of life .

I’m an independent advisor to Sussex Police. An independent advisor to the Crown Prosecution Service, The EID advisor to the Bluebell Heritage Railway, a National Diversity Mentor, and a Stonewall Schools Role Model. I’m also the founder of an International LGBT Hate Support group on social media after suffering vitriolic online hate myself.
We are all human beings, and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of who or what we are…