Dr Gus Bussmann

Dr Gus Bussmann is an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion officer with over 10 years of experience. He has experience in banking corporations, Law firms and professional bodies building and developing relationships, improving efficiencies and ensuring strategic goals are met from inception to completion.

With a PhD in Law and Philosophy, Gus is also an expert in LGBT+ rights and an has been acknowledged as an influential voice within the UK and the US courts of justice.

Gus also volunteers for Pride in London as a Deputy Head of Policy. Having studied in 4 countries, delivered lectures all over the world and engaged in the UN, Red Cross, Oxford University and Science Po’s events, he is committed to drive positive change and to support with understanding, inspiring a better future for the LGBT+ community.

I decided to join Pride 365 to support their mission of driving positive change. Like them, I am passionate about creating better work environments for the LGBT+ community and I believe together we can achieve more. In an ever-changing society where we are constantly challenged to change and adapt, I trust in the opportunity to build a fairer society where all identities are celebrated.