The world is changing
It’s time to embrace inclusivity and bring an end to corporate pinkwashing.

Pride 365 are the global partners of Interpride who are tasked with bringing an end to

pinkwashing and ensuring that the LGBT+ community are supported all year round rather

than just for Pride season. We are the conduit that brings the authentic supporters into

the hearts and minds of the community.

Changing the world,

one Pride at a time.

Pride in most of the world is an experience of fun and joy.

However in other places there are no rainbows and smiles. Pride 365 believes in taking Pride to these hostile territories and rebuilding trust everywhere else. After years of asking the community what they want and what they don’t want, one of the biggest gripes was that for three months of the year corporations would put up a rainbow flag often in an attempt to line their pockets and then disappear. Pride in who you are is something that should be felt all year round and true supporters understand that.